2/7/2015 I Hear A Different Drummer

Since the departure of the regular drummer for the Band, Jeff Phillips, the group has been rotating the drum throne among 4 and sometimes 5 guest drummers.  Each artist provides their own flavor of percussion to the mix, making for interesting and entertaining evenings.  If you haven't been to the Hall for a while, you should make the trip and see what's happening.  If you've never been to hear the legendary Atlanta Music Hall Band, consider this your personal invitation.  You won't be disappointed when you experience this piece of Indiana history.

Excitement Brewing 8/30/2014

After a quiet early summer, crowds have returned to the Hall in droves.  During a couple of performances in August there were a number of people standing outside listening, as most of the seats inside were full.  And, just as in church, no one wants to sit in the very front seats except for the most avid fans.  Of which there are quite a few.